Sticker Printing

  • Variety of professional digital custom stickers for a diverse range of shapes, designs and quantity to suit your requirements
  • Perfect for promoting large and small businesses, events, and bands
  • We use stable, weatherproof inks and cut (or kiss cut) the stickers using our advanced laser cutter
  • All custom stickers we print undergo quality checks before shipment
  • You can find additional information about each type of sticker by clicking here

Flatbed Printing


Flatbed Printing Services

  • This is a relatively new technology which allows printing with UV cured inks directly onto uncoated rigid substrates
  • We offer 300 dpi, 600 dpi and even 1200 dpi resolution
  • Our UV Flatbed printer fills the gap between our multi screen printing program and our digital inkjet program
  • Direct UV flatbed printing reduces your costs in material, time and labor
  • For short print runs, our UV Flatbed provides a less costly option for printing directly onto substrates to a maximum print size of 5’ x 10’ and media thicknesses up to 2”
  • The variety of media is practically unlimited!
  • We have traditional paper and card stocks, Coroplast, Styrene, Sintra, Foamcore, Gatorboard, both reinforced and pressure sensitive vinyl, canvas and fabrics
  • Aluminum, metal, wood, ceramic tiles, glass, acrylic, Plexiglas, acetate and other transparent media can also be printed on

Membrane Switch


Flexible Flat Membrane Switch

What are Membrane Switches?

A membrane switch is a user interface device that is made up of several layers and used as a switch to turn a device on or off. Unlike mechanical switches, which are generally constructed with copper and plastics, membrane switches are printed circuits on film.

How do Membrane Switches Work?

The design behind most membrane switches is simple: when an operator wants to use the device, a switch is pressed so that the system’s two poles make contact and close the circuit. When the switch is released, the poles are disconnected and the switch returns to its open state.

membrane switches

How are Membrane Switches Made?

The design and manufacturing process behind membrane switches is one GGI handles with much care and creativity. Membrane switches are made by printing a carbon or silver ink onto a polyester surface. A customized graphic overlay is then applied to the film. At GGI, we offer a wide range of graphic layer material, including polyester, antimicrobial polyester, polycarbonate, blends, and silicone. These pliable, durable materials are where “membrane” switches get their name.

Where are Membrane Switches Used?

Membrane switches are used in a number of applications, including in medical, aerospace, defense, industrial, and transport industries. They are often used for keypads, control panels in aircrafts, touch screen phones, and kidney dialysis machines—just to name a few.

Membrane switches are revered for their durability and flexibility, especially in high or low-temperature environments. They are also known for their reliability and high conductivity.

Types of Membrane Switches

There are two main types of membrane switches, each performing different functions on the circuit board:

Tactile. Tactile switches are designed to provide a response when pressed by an actuator or finger. An overlay over the switch has symbols or letters used to designate the function of each switch. Generally, these switches are designed using metal domes. When pressed, the metal dome pushes against a conductive footprint, causing an action to happen.

Non-tactile. This type of switch operates with the same concept of a tactile switch but does not elicit a tactile response. With the bottom of the overlay connecting to a conductive pad, non-tactile switches are self-contained units.

At GGI Solutions, we provide a variety of membrane switches for applications in medical, aerospace, defense, industrial, and transport industries. Our engineering and design teams are committed to providing you a durable, reliable, and eco-friendly product, guaranteed to improve efficiency within your business. Contact us today for more information about our products.



Arrow and Pipe Banding Tapes

We offer pipe banding tape, directional flow arrow tape and arrow cards to help you create higher visibility and identify pipe content flow. These pipe marking tapes and cards are available in durable materials designed to withstand some of the harshest environments. They will also help you meet ASME (ANSI) color field size standards. Pipe banding tape is available in a range of sizes and materials designed for specific applications and a range of pipe diameters. Additionally, the directional arrow tape and cards are also available in a range of sizes so that you can properly identify content flow.
Arrow tape rolls

The flow direction of a pipe can be emphasized and clarified by using our professional arrow tapes for pipe marking.
The arrow tapes are supplied on rolls and you can choose from various colors and sizes.

Are you curious about the possibilities for your specific project? Our specialists are pleased to assist you and help you find a solution.


Valve Tags


Valve Tags

  • We offer valve tags for every kind of application!
  • Our valve tags provide semi-permanent marking of critical information on piping and equipment
  • Our valve tags can be customized with text, QR and bar coding and distinct colors to convey specific information needed
  • We have a variety of valve tag fasteners and accessories for complete installation
  • We have MS-215 Max-Tek™ Valve Tags, Engraved Plastic Valve Tags, Brass Valve Tags, Stainless Steel Valve Tags, Anodized Aluminum Valve Tags, and MS-200 Valve Tags

Stock Valve Tags

Ready to ship Brass Valve Tags are available in nearly 30 different abbreviations as well as tags without an abbreviation. These Stamped Brass Valve Tags are stocked in 1-1/2" dia. round brass, in sets of 25 consecutive numbers from 001 to 400.

Custom Valve Tags

Select from a number of durable materials and have your custom valve tags engraved, stamped, or laser etched. If you'd like personal assistance contact customer service at (714) 350-8008.

Valve Tag Accessories

Whether you’re looking to stamp your own blank valve tags or you’re interested in a tamper resistant method to attach tags, Moza Screen Printing offers a wide variety of valve tag accessories sure to meet your needs. If you require items that are not displayed here, please contact Customer Service at (714) 350-8008.

Blank Vinyl Tags

Valve tags help relay important pipe content information, valve identification or operation information at the point of need. Some stock valve tag options, like our brass valve tags and energy source tags, are available with preset legends. All of our tags are available for customization or as blanks so you may stamp or print your own tag text or legends.

Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

Engraving, marking and laser cutting

  • Laser cutting directs a high-power laser through optics to cut materials for industrial applications
  • Laser cutting is both more precise and less energy-consuming than plasma cutting, but has an upper threshold on the thickness of the material being cut
  • We offer both fiber and CO2 lasers that can cut many materials including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and exotic alloys
  • CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser excels at cutting, engraving, and boring metals, while fiber laser is a good option for thicker materials
  • Our custom laser cutting service offers a cost-effective and on-demand solution for your manufacturing needs

What is the laser process?


Laser technology overcomes the hardness of the parts and allows a very fine mark at high speed. The work is clean and indelible.


It is suitable for all needs and types of production, from aesthetic engraving to engraving at the highest industrial rate.

Economic and environmentally-friendly

It doesn't use solvents, ink or any other chemical product for cutting and engraving operations.

Easy to automate

Laser processes save time, energy and material compared with traditional processes.

Banner Printing


Sticker Printing

Banners are one of the most effective mediums for delivering your message; when placed in high-traffic areas, either at a trade event or even in front of your place of business, our expert printed banners can make hundreds of impressions on your potential customers!

  • All of our banners are fully customizable and can be used in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings
  • Printed on various weights of vinyl and complete with high-quality, fade resistant UV inks
  • You can expect our banners to last up to 3 years
  • All of our banners are printed to photo quality in full color, allowing you to recreate stunning designs, no matter how detailed or complex


  • Our standard banners are printed on the highest quality vinyl and they can be fully customized with your logos, text, images, and graphics, and are printed in full-color


  • Our mesh banners are designed to be weather resistant, and they are perfect for outdoor use
  • Mesh banners are made from tightly woven nylon plastic with small holes that allow wind to pass through without affecting the quality of your graphics
  • Our mesh banners can be printed up to 100ft tall, making them perfect for anyone looking to make big impressions

Poster Printing

Poster Printing Poster Printing We offer the best service at the most competitive prices in town! Our range of posters are the perfect way of delivering your message to a local audience Whether you’re promoting concerts, trade shows, rallies, or a product launch, our posters are ideal for making impressions quickly and at a low cost […]

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