Valve Tags

  • We offer valve tags for every kind of application!
  • Our valve tags provide semi-permanent marking of critical information on piping and equipment
  • Our valve tags can be customized with text, QR and bar coding and distinct colors to convey specific information needed
  • We have a variety of valve tag fasteners and accessories for complete installation
  • We have MS-215 Max-Tek™ Valve Tags, Engraved Plastic Valve Tags, Brass Valve Tags, Stainless Steel Valve Tags, Anodized Aluminum Valve Tags, and MS-200 Valve Tags

Stock Valve Tags

Ready to ship Brass Valve Tags are available in nearly 30 different abbreviations as well as tags without an abbreviation. These Stamped Brass Valve Tags are stocked in 1-1/2" dia. round brass, in sets of 25 consecutive numbers from 001 to 400.

Custom Valve Tags

Select from a number of durable materials and have your custom valve tags engraved, stamped, or laser etched. If you'd like personal assistance contact customer service at (714) 350-8008.

Valve Tag Accessories

Whether you’re looking to stamp your own blank valve tags or you’re interested in a tamper resistant method to attach tags, Moza Screen Printing offers a wide variety of valve tag accessories sure to meet your needs. If you require items that are not displayed here, please contact Customer Service at (714) 350-8008.

Blank Vinyl Tags

Valve tags help relay important pipe content information, valve identification or operation information at the point of need. Some stock valve tag options, like our brass valve tags and energy source tags, are available with preset legends. All of our tags are available for customization or as blanks so you may stamp or print your own tag text or legends.